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Observing consumers at the lower end of the market (mostly women between LSM 4 and 7), stressed the importance of personal care. Women want to look after their skin, hair and body with the best and most affordable products. While there are plenty of products aimed at this group, not much attention is taken with the packaging or the product content. With that in mind, we developed a bath and body range, Magnolia, available in the country’s biggest value retailer. We went to great lengths to ensure the lowest prices were maintained without compromising on quality so that even those on a limited budget could afford good products.

This range performed extremely well, so the decision was made to add new ranges and product lines under one brand name, Bramley, and make them available through new outlets and retailers.

The aim with BRAMLEY is to produce a range that delivers beyond expectation on every personal care need, at an affordable price. This is achieved by buying smart and sourcing packaging and raw materials worldwide to maintain the lowest prices. Our quality is maintained by remaining abreast of technology, utilising sound product formulations, taking great care with fragrancing and ensuring all our products are user-tested before production is started.

Our products are guaranteed with these four assurances, found on all packaging:


South Africa’s largest retailers trust us with their exclusive ranges of cosmetics and toiletries to produce, manufacture and package, to our consistent professional approach and recognition as one of the most reliable cosmetic and toiletry manufacturers in the country.

We exist as a top ten supplier to the retailers we are currently servicing, with a service level rating of above 97%.

We invite retailers and distributors to share our vision and share our success. We have worked hard to offer top quality at a competitive price and to be a fast and smooth moving organisation that offers highly effective, timeous, high volume delivery. We are set to create a mutual and enduring relationship.