On the 13th of September we the social work students, in partnership with ACVV Cape Town hosted an event at Zonnebloem old age home. We handed out gifts of toiletries to the elderly and spent time talking to them.  Overall, the day was a success and we managed to thank each of the 95 residents with a gift of a toiletry hamper. The residents of the home were very appreciative of the gifts and the time spent with them. Hearing some of their stories had us in awe and helped us realise just how important it is to give back to this community of individuals who once served our society.

We as the social work students from Stellenbosch University and ACVV Cape Town, would like to extend our sincere gratitude to each individual and business who has helped us to make this day possible.

If it were not for your help, we would have not been able to uplift the spirits of the elderly at Zonnebloem Old Age Home and help to serve in the way that we were able to.

Thank you for your contribution in helping serve the elderly of our community.