The winter season is here and I’m sure many of you are suffering from dry skin.

Cold, dry air can leave your skin itchy, red and irritated.

Combat dry winter skin by using Bramley’s tissue oils, body butters, body lotion, hand & nail creams and foot range.

  • The tissue oil – R19.99 absorbs quickly and therefore could be used during the day and at night. Massage into very dry areas of your skin. You could also add a small amount to your body butter or body lotion for more moisturised texture if you prefer for a great winter glow.
  • Use the rich body butter – R17.99 during the day or at night. This thick texture will enjoy your dry skin is moistured all-day long.
  • The body lotion is designed to nourish and protect your skin. You need to moisturise with rich creams filled with vitamin E, which will keep your skin soft and also delightfully fragranced at all times.
  • For dry hands it would be best to use the hand and nail cream – R12.99 use on the go during  the day.
  • For dry and cracked feet, use Bramley’s Best Feet range

Bramley’s* unique ingredient Bio-pharm oil contains ceramides therefore these products are perfect for caring for dry skin.  Bio-pharm oil is in most of the Bramley products.