Full Name & Surname:   Kamogelo Boshielo

Age:   24yrs

Residing City:   Polokwane (Burgersfort)

Three Life Goals:

  • My three life goals are Mental health, Financial stability and being content

Personal Interest:   My personal interest is Makeup, Healthcare, Travelling and YouTube

Favourite BRAMLEY Product and why:   Bramley Magnolia Tissue Oil. I literally use it for everything, I can remove my makeup, moisture my body and also it helps me remove blemishes on my face and it is affordable at the same time

Dream Job:   My dream job would allow me to make a positive impact on people every day as an attorney

What one thing would you change in the world if you had the power to do so?   If I had the power to change one thing in the world, I would change how people define beauty. I grew up with a low self-esteem because of my complexion, I was called names and I took them in, until I redefined beauty. We are told beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As women, we continually seek approval and feel judged by how we look, regardless of what else we may accomplish. I believe that we must all come to terms with the fact that beauty is subjective. In these days of fillers and plastics, the pursuit of beauty is being forced into a one-dimensional mould of measurements, cup sizes and wrinkle depth. The truth is that beauty cannot be measured. I would like women to embrace and take charge in turning our definition of beauty upside down, beauty is wellness, vibrancy, and accomplishment.

Inspirational Quote:   “Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.”

Complete the Sentence:   I love… myself more than I have ever did before.