Full Name and Surname:  Ainley Amunyela

Age:   21yrs

Residing City:   Windhoek

Three Life Goals:   To build and nurture the life of my dreams and to use what I build to touch the lives of others.

Personal Interests:   Anything related to travel, food, fashion, beauty, and creativity.

Favourite BRAMLEY product and why?   I would definitely say the BeYou collection body sprays. If you’ve smelled them, you would know.

Dream Job:   I don’t have a dream job, more a dream journey that is centered around the exploration and expression of my multiple passions.

What one thing would you change in the world if you had the power to do so?   I would without a doubt find and act on ways to lessen the gap that exists between the richest and the poorest people in our global community.

Inspirational Quote:   “You are the sun”

Complete the Sentence: I love…  life and all the living!