Full Name and Surname:   Ruwaida Mahomed Patel

Age:   40yrs

Residing City:   Durban

Three Life Goals: 

  • To inspire others through my beliefs and actions.
  • To live with integrity & honour.
  • To leave a legacy by making a significant contribution to society.

Personal Interests:   Blogging, Photography, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Nature

Favourite BRAMLEY product and why?   It’s so hard to choose as all of Bramley’s products are amazing! At the moment, sanitizing has become a part of our daily lives and has caused dry, irritated hands. My favourite BRAMLEY product has to be the Aloe Vera & Olive Oil Hand Cream that has a beautiful scent, rich texture and leaves my hands feeling soft and nourished.

Dream Job:   Fashion Stylist. Fashion is a great passion of mine and I believe choice of clothes and accessories convey uniqueness and creativity. I would love to be able to work as a Fashion Stylist with an innovative team to create a vision for a brand and then bring it to life.

What one thing would you change in the world if you had the power to do so?   I would change the mindset of humanity. Hatred & greed would not exist, and we would all live in peace and harmony.

Inspirational quote:   “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” – Wilma Rudolph

Complete the sentence:   I love… My life and all the special people in it! I am extremely grateful for all the blessings in my life, the greatest ones being my amazing husband and two children who bring so much joy to my life and whom I love dearly.