Full Name and Surname:   Nompilo Thando Buthelezi

Age:   32yrs

Residing City:   Originally from Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal in a small township called Esikhawini, but I’m based in Berea, Durban KwaZulu Natal

Three Life Goals: 

  • Stay Optimistic and fearless
  • Invest in my passion for social media marketing
  • Be financially secure

Personal Interests:   Traveling, movies, music, fitness, social media, family, food, lover

Favourite BRAMLEY product and why?   My favourite has always been the famous Magnolia Tissue Oil, but I must say I’ve fallen in love with the Magnolia Hand and Nail Cream. Adapting to the new normal has been super crazy. One has been obsessed with keeping their hands clean, sanitizing every minute. Sanitizers have contributed to dry and cracked hands and so one has been looking at hand and nail creams that will deeply moisturize hands and keep them hydrated. Magnolia Hand & Nail cream has been the best skin doctor.

Dream Job:   Being the CEO of my own business

What one thing would you change in the world if you had the power to do so?   We are living in a world where Gender Based Violence is very rough and not much is being done about it. Women and children are living in fear and their rights as humans, as females are being violated.  A woman cannot walk freely in the streets without being labelled or without being made to fear the way they look or dress. Being a woman means having a strong sense of identity, accepting your body as one that adapts and changes over time and being confident and comfortable in your own skin.  Our role in society no longer deprives us of freedom to do what we want and to be exactly who we are; therefore, no other being should have the power to control and deprive women of being women.

Inspirational Quote:   Do not just wake up and think about the woman you want to become, wake up and be her!

Complete the Sentence:   I love…  all things bright and beautiful; I love me!